SPC Flooring Abu Dhabi

SPC flooring Abu Dhabi |Abu Dhabi vinyl Flooring

Welcome to your home with a brand new look and surprise the floors with SPC flooring Abu Dhabi. Don’t panic if you ever find like your floors look a little dressed in unnecessary stuff.

Flooring Suppliers in the UAE have even the maintaining service to please the customers. It is essential for these Flooring Suppliers in UAE to look decently at their homes and offices.

Abu Dhabi Vinyl Flooring offers even very cheap flooring services compared to other countries abroad. We also have our staff to change floors and improve skills. We offer quality floorings such as kitchen flooring, laminate flooring, and solid wood flooring.

We have many categories to stand out of the box and achieved the high valuable positive reviews of the customers from all over the globe.

Installation of SPC flooring Abu Dhabi

The uniquely interconnected architecture makes it simple to install. Follow the instructions, and you can hear about the simple installation of SPC flooring Abu Dhabi in a few hours.

Tools and materials needed to install this floor 

  • Utility knife & straight edge
  • Measuring tape
  • Shears for cutting around irregularly shaped objects
  • 1/8″ spacers
  • Transition moldings and baseboards

Simple and easy Steps to install SPC flooring 

  1. At the start of the installation of SPC Flooring Abu Dhabi, a corner and a tongue away from the wall should use. Enable for product expansion a minimum gap of 3/8 “(10 mm). The void will fill with transition moldings or bases.
  2. When positioning the first lines, interlock the short ends with an angle of 15-20 degrees by inserting the tongue into the grooves. Install a sequential board (5.75) “on the short end and maintain a consistent line-up. Place this first line along the selected wall with spacers in support of the minimum distance.
  3. Maintain the seams between the planks close. When you lock the boards together to create a tight line, you can feel and hear the click. The division between planks should not be apparent. If the seams are not clean, immediately remove the boards and try again.
  4. It highly recommended that the short seam seams be placed in a straight line while mounting our SPC flooring.
  5. To start the second row, use a straight edge and a tool knife to measure and mark the plank and then snap it out.

About us!

We would suggest SPC flooring Abu Dhabi in UAE, if you want something entirely practical, strong, and carefree. SPC is available in a range of styles, textures, and colors for households and families.

Our mission is to provide high quality and manufacture products and services while providing the most personalized service to suit customer needs.

We are all profoundly grateful to our customers and dedicated to delivering new solutions to all consumer needs.

Our goal is to supply premium branded flooring by the LOWEST POSSIBLE PRICES’ leading customer care and after-sales services.

We assume that by adopting this strategy, we deliver the best flooring solutions. Abu Dhabi Vinyl Flooring frequently check that we give 100 percent GUARANTEE lower prices for the highest quality floors. You can relax and buy from us and save money in this beautiful new building.