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Are you looking for something that protects your walls from damage and enhances the overall aesthetics of a room? Skirting shield walls from the physical impact that can occur due to furniture, vacuum cleaners, or other heavy objects accidentally hitting the walls. Without skirting, these impacts can result in unsightly marks, scratches, or even holes in the walls, requiring expensive repairs or repainting.

Skirting boards are available in a wide range of materials, finishes, and designs, allowing homeowners to choose the best options that complement their interior decor. Whether opting for classic wooden skirting or modern PVC alternatives, skirting treatment can add elegance and sophistication to any space.

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Elegant Skirting Abu Dhabi

Elegant Skirting Abu Dhabi

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Durable Skirting Abu Dhabi

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Stunning Skirting Abu Dhabi

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Give your walls an excellent finish with the timeless skirting treatment provided by Abu Dhabi Vinyl Flooring. We present our extensive range of skirting made from wood, steel, PVC, and aluminum. You can pick other types of skirting as well including pencil, MDF, metal, bullnose, continued, double-layer, and flush skirting. These stylish skirting tiles and boards add long-lasting value to your interiors.


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Years Of Experience

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Timeless Features Of Our Wall Skirting Treatment

Unveiling the list of benefits that you’ll get from our skirting treatments.

  • Add style and practicality to your interiors with our wooden and aluminum skirting.
  • Our PVC and metal skirting resists all sorts of damages including scuffs, stains, scratches, and impacts.
  • Our wall skirting Dubai is the ideal way to conceal the unappealing wirings, scratched plaster, uneven edges, unsightly gaps, and watermarks.
  • These HDF and aluminum skirting boards will act as a shield for the wall, protecting against dents and scratches from sharp objects, furniture items, and heavy machinery.
  • Our skirting will provide a well-finished appearance to your space.
  • Above all, these tiles and boards can be easily cleaned and don’t require any extraordinary maintenance routine.
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We had the best shopping experience of wall skirting from this brand. They have different types of skirting options. I picked the wooden one that matches with the flooring treatment of my space. The pricing was reasonable as well.

Sabeen Farooq

I am highly satisfied with their services! I will rate the quality of their PVC skirting 10 out of 10. Best customer care services!

Irha Saleem

I got the best skirting treatment from this brand. Their workers were at my workplace at the exact time. Their skirting installation work was totally admirable. I can’t thank them enough for improving the whole look of my place.

Abdul Hadi

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After the purchase of PVC skirting Abu Dhabi, you must be looking for skilled technicians. If yes, we’ve completely got you covered because our well-trained team will flawlessly fix the skirting boards on your walls. We come to your place with all the requisite tools and supplies and install the skirting after accurate measurements. In addition to adept installations, you can get:

Maintenance Tips

Our specialized team will provide you with beneficial aftercare tips for the wooden skirting boards.

Instant Repair Solutions

We can repair the scratches and minor cracks in the skirting boards in addition to applying stains or finishes.

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Abu Dhabi Vinyl Flooring has come up with a timeless solution to redefine your interiors with premium wall skirting treatments. We are providing these innovative and durable wall embellishment essentials at an incredibly low price range. Our skirting boards seamlessly match every interior setting whether it’s commercial or residential. We have various styles, textures, and size options for PVC and wooden skirting in Dubai.

With our high-performance skirting boards, you can cover the wall base of any area of your home.

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Frequently Asked Questions

For a carpeted room, skirting boards need to touch the floor. For a tile or laminate floor, there’s a requirement for a small gap between the skirting board and the floor, so that it doesn’t touch or go under the skirting.

The expected lifetime of skirting can vary based on its type, thickness, quality, usage, and maintenance. Typically, wooden skirting lasts for up to 8 and 12 years. And PVC skirting boards can last between 8 and 15 years.

PVC skirting in a modular style adds to the overall look and functionality of your kitchens. This is because skirting protects your wall base from water, spills, and stains. Additionally, you can protect the wall from damage by sharp kitchen accessories like knives.

For a traditional look, the skirting thickness must be 25 mm. If you want to give your kitchen space a modern look, a thickness of 15 mm or 18 mm would be ideal. The thickness of the skirting boards can be chosen according to your personal preferences as well.