Durable Vinyl Flooring In Abu Dhabi

Long-lasting because of its compact layers and quality material!

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Types Of Vinyl Flooring Do We Offer?

vinyl plank

Vinyl Planks

For realistic visuals & more stability, we offer vinyl planks in every wood & stone shade.

Vinyl Tiles

For decorating purposes, our vinyl tiles & LVT can be installed in hundreds of patterns.

Vinyl Sheets

The backings we use for vinyl sheets ensure comfort, stability, & coherence, adding life to our floors.

Vinyl Samples We Offer

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Home Gyms


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Benefits Of Our
Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl Flooring Dubai

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Our Prominent Services
For Vinyl Flooring

We offer all types of vinyl floors, maximum customization (per your area dimensions, floor beautification, or accessorizing), previous floor removal, and expert installation at affordable rates.

Also, we offer online assistance, doorstep services, free sampling/ catalog, free consultations, and floor repair for your maximum satisfaction.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked ,
Questions (FAQs)

Depending on their materials, we do offer warranties and guarantees from 12 years to 25 years on vinyl tiles/ LVTs. You can contact us online or visit our showrooms for better understanding.

Our experts can install Herringbone, Diamond, Chevron, Versailles, Weave, or Diagonal patterns using vinyl tiles/LVTs per your specifications.

Our vinyl tiles/ planks/ sheets can stay new even with low maintenance. They only demand a two-day cleaning per week. Actually, these are packed with a protective coating that doesn’t let any stains, moisture, or scratches penetrate the layers, maintaining their appearance.

We design our vinyl-made floors using multiple compact layers that help increase the resilience and stability of the entire floor. Plus, we install high-quality backings to enhance their firmness so you can install them anywhere with no doubts of any slip-trips.